Miracle Caster Replaces Mat

Strictly speaking this is not a pure time-saver. But if you have torn through a few chair mats like I have, you are probably tired of wasting your time trying mats that don’t work.

The carpet in my home office is a typical 1/2″ residential pile but it also has a good pad under it, which makes the surface too soft for most flexible chair mats.

My last go-around was a clear, semi-flex mat that claimed to be for plush carpet but it developed cracks within weeks and eventually was dangerous to bare feet due to the plethora of protruding edges.

While searching for another solution, I bumped into the Miracle Caster shown here.

The wheels are about twice the size of a normal chair caster and the 7/16″ pins fit my standard off-the-floor chair nicely.

I am moving easily on the carpet now and I like the quiet of not having a mat underneath me.

By Michael on October 27, 2012

Can I Stream It?

You may have access to a streaming Internet TV and Movie service. Since each one has their own catalog of media, you might subscribe to more than one. When it comes time to watch something specific, you may waste time searching or *gasp* browsing for a certain title across multiple media providers. CanIStreamIt is the new answer to the question, “Where can I stream this from?”
By Michael on March 16, 2012

URL to Email Inbox

If you use your email inbox to keep track of new internet finds, reading material and other to-do items, cc:to me will come in very handy.

I have been in the habit of sending myself an email when I have a link that I want to research or take a deeper look at. Yes, there are other tools like Read it Later that can be used for this. I make a somewhat careful distinction between read it “later”, however, and read it “someday.” The items that I put in my email inbox get acted on (and cleared!) within a day or two. Items that I want to read someday (a week, month, or year from now) I will put into Read it Later. The main difference is that my Inbox is in front of me daily. Other queuing tools have to be checked.

So… that’s a long preamble to say that this tool is for putting things in your Inbox and it does it with one click plus an optional description you can type in.
The website gives you a bookmarklet to install that, when clicked, sends the current browser URL to your email. Simple. Fast. Highly useful.

By Michael on December 12, 2011